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University classes and training courses are available for your internet enrollment. Individual classes and academic support provided from a wide selection of distance learning schools and universities. Cenquest offers corporate clients the option of creating a customized program for an accredited advanced degree program that is relevant to the workplace.

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We deliver online graduate business courses to technology companies with full accreditation, certificates, and degrees through partner universities. Offering engineers and management professionals graduate-level educational programs that build business expertise.

We are proud to offer Managed Education services for companies that provide tuition reimbursement for continuing education. While over 80% of companies offer this benefit, most lack the tools to track and measure the end results of their spending. We help companies evaluate their current return on education spending and develop Corporate Managed Education Plans that deliver measurable and impressive results.

Our featured business schools offer dynamic, engaging and highly focused online business degree options that can help you advance your career. Choose from a full spectrum of online accredited degrees including master's, bachelor's and associate's student programs. Why earn an MBA in Finance and Accounting? In our currently complex and volatile international business marketplace, financial management and accounting skills are a necessity for all successful corporate leaders. The corporate business world's increasing focus on tight, honest accounting practices has led to a surge in available accounting jobs, a renewed respect for the field, and steady salary growth. Find out more about MBA programs from accredited colleges.

Master of Business Administration in Accounting. Due to past economic scandals, big changes were made to accounting laws and financial regulations along with increased scrutiny of corporate finances have generated significant growth in the accounting and auditing job market. A solid MBA program will help develop management skills for future executives.

Take the next big step in your career, by taking part in an e-learning program from an accredited college at your own pace. You don't have to stop your life to earn your MBA. Master's of Business Administration programs come in a wide variety of formats for working professionals that allow you to earn your MBA on the weekend, evenings, or online. Many programs give credit for prior experience such as the accelerated MBA. From project management and executive coaching certificates to office administration diplomas and bachelorís degree completion programs, our featured schools offer programs that will help you create the life you deserve.

Study wherever you may be, whenever you have time. Earn your college degree online from an accredited masters or MBA program.    Fields of study include business administration, information technology and accounting.  Plus career education and online degrees in business, information technology, engineering and healthcare. 

Cenquest and its university partners work with corporate clients to develop programs that incorporate company objectives into the curriculum. By implementing Managed Education Plans, companies are able to align university degree programs with the corporate agenda, improving the value of these programs to the company and the individual employee.

Our offering includes audits, assessment tools and strategic planning implemented at the company level. But that's only half of an effective Managed Education solution. Most of the $12 billion spent annually by U.S.-based corporations on this benefit goes directly to university suppliers in the form of tuition and fees. Which means schools and their programs must be addressed in order to significantly improve the return on education spending.

Online Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees or certificates. Browse by degree level or program of interest. Find information on 1000's of online and campus degrees and programs. Find the right college or university for your career goal. Find online degree programs, certificate programs, and internet courses offered by traditional universities and online colleges. We can assist you to find the program you are looking for with an online associates, bachelors, masters, or PhD degree in business, technology, healthcare, or education.


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